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 2 March 2009
Money Market
Fixed Income Market
FOREX Markets
EPWRF Database

Data Centre

Data lies at the heart of any research. Keeping in mind the importance of quick access to reliable and accurate data, plans to provide you a comprehensive time series database on various key economic and financial variables.

At present Datacentre provides structured Money market, Fixed Income and Forex data. The data can be downloaded by a simple, yet powerful web interface. With Datacentre you can download data in Microsoft Excel** (less than 25000 records in a file) and CSV formats and view charts of data series. All the data sets have a consistent data format. We plan to continually improve Datacentre and encourage you to send feedback through our Query Section.

Datacentre comes to you at a nominal one-time fee of Rs. 500 per user id. Please download the Application form, fill up your details and send to the address mentioned below, along with a Demand Draft for Rs. 500 in favour of Institute for Financial Management and Research payable at Chennai. The facility to download data will be enabled on receipt of the Application form (clearly mentioning the User ID) and Demand Draft.

Address for mailing the Form and Demand Draft
Mr. K. E. Munuswamy,
Centre for Advanced Financial Studies,
Institute for Financial management and Research,
24, Kothari road, Nungambakkam,
Chennai - 600034, India.

The Money Market and forex data are sourced from various agencies. We would like to thank and highlight the contribution of EPWRF who collated and organized all these data in a structured format. They continue to give us the update on these data on a regular basis. We also thank M/S Meclai Financial and Commercial Services Ltd for giving us permission to upload Forex data regularly published by them on this website.

** There are constraints on file sizes as well as constraints imposed by Excel on maximum no. of rows in a single worksheet. Therefore, user queries resulting in retrieval of more than 25000 rows (records) will be downloadable only as .csv files.

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