ICICI Research Centre (IRC) and Centre for Advanced Financial Studies (CAFS) requires
Researchers based in Chennai

ICICI Research Centre is a non-profit research centre, dedicated to promoting research in finance and economics in emerging market economies.

The Centre's goal is to provide a platform to create active interaction between academia, policy makers and financial practitioners in the focus area of emerging market finance. In pursuit of this, the centre carries out research, sponsors research projects, publishes a journal and newsletters and conducts seminars. Recently the CAFS at the Institute for Financial Management & Research (IFMR) has taken over the management of the Centre.

The CAFS has been established at IFMR with support from ICICI Bank to:
conduct and facilitate cutting edge research into financial markets, financial instruments and financial institutions with an emphasis on Indian and emerging markets.
offer advanced courses covering different areas of finance with a view to disseminating the best of current practices worldwide.
facilitate the construction of reliable databases, which would be made available to researchers both at IFMR and elsewhere.
allow Indian and foreign researchers to collaborate on areas relevant to emerging markets finance.
provide inputs to policy makers based on research.
The Centre aims to be a quality resource available to practitioners, researchers and policy makers in India and other emerging markets.

We have commenced research on Emerging Markets Finance and are looking to add to our team of researchers. We are looking for postgraduates / PhDs with very strong quantitative skills and / or strong statistical skills, outstanding academic records and an aptitude for, and interest in research. Our research programme would include modeling, financial econometrics, corporate finance, market studies, database construction and other areas of finance, all with a strong emphasis on Indian and other emerging markets.

Salaries will be very competitive.

Interested candidates may click here to apply. (Please select 'CAFS' in the online application form)

For further details you may send your queries to contactus@iciciresearchcentre.org