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 2 March 2009

About Us

As a leading player in the Indian financial system, ICICI has always been conscious of its responsibility to encourage research and discussion as can contribute to the development of financial markets in India. In the past, ICICI has organised several seminars and workshops to invite views and opinions on issues of interest in this direction. As part of this endeavour, ICICI has set up as a platform to address and encourage debate, and develop a non-partisan opinion on various issues of concern and interest in financial economics relating to emerging markets.

Why emerging markets? ‘Emerging markets’ is a generic term used to refer to developing countries, at various stages of economic transition Often more dissimilar than similar, it is the difference in their experience of this transition to economic maturity that provides a potentially rich database for mapping individual learning curves. Given the colloidal nature of emerging markets, however, there has been little visible effort so far to formalise this database. proposes to provide a focal point for such research on emerging market economies.

The mission of is to advance knowledge and create an informed perspective among stakeholders in the financial system. The Centre is committed to generating, disseminating and preserving knowledge, as well as working with others to bring this knowledge to bear on the challenges facing emerging economies. ICICI's commitment to joining rigorous academic research with creation of new knowledge provides a fertile setting for research that will spawn a host of issues in the field of finance and economics.

The Centre aims to
  • Provide a platform for interaction between academic researchers, practitioners and policy makers connected with the financial system;
  • Provide structure and direction to research on topics in economics and finance pertaining to emerging economies;
  • Identify research areas related to the above and agents (within the academic, corporate and policymaking spheres) to participate in this process; and
  • Act as a channel for dissemination of relevant research that enables participants in the financial system to develop an informed perspective.

As part of this mandate, the Centre will develop and maintain a comprehensive online data base of economic and financial information on India; develop multimedia based education-cum-training modules on topics of contemporary interest in financial economics; identify and fund projects, mostly with an applied focus, to investigate issues related to finance, industry and the economy in emerging markets, and organise regular seminars, workshops and lecture series on the same. The Centre will be launching a new Journal with focus on financial economics in emerging market economies.

The vision of this virtual Centre of researchers, interested in issues in emerging market finance, is defined by universal ownership, transparent working and collaborative effort. in this spirit seeks out partnership from researchers around the world and invites you to participate and contribute to this forum.

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