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 27 December 2008
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Journal of Emerging Market Finance’s (earlier) publication The International Journal of Development Banking (IJDB) has reached its final phase. From the year 2001, this journal will no longer be printed.

Since the inception of the journal the issues and concerns in the economy have undergone a major transformation. This meant a fresh look at the journal. We are happy to inform that soon we will bring to you a new journal entitled Journal of Emerging Market Finance (JEMF).

This journal will focus on finance and economics in emerging market economies. The new journal will be under the editorship of Professor Shubhashis Gangopadhyay, Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi centre and the first issue is slated for Fall 2002.

Emerging markets are affected by the pace, and sequencing, of policy reforms. This requires special analytical tools to determine the movement of financial variables in an environment that is affected by policy shocks. Most existing applications are drawn from models for developed financial markets where policy shocks are negligible and market structures are stable. The Journal of Emerging Market Finance will attempt to bridge this gap in our understanding of the mechanisms that drive emerging markets.

The Journal of Emerging Market Finance will publish high quality research papers on all aspects of financial markets in emerging economies. The journal will provide a forum for debate and discussion on all scholarly research in the theory and practice of finance in emerging markets and help disseminate original work in this field. While the emphasis will be on papers that have practical significance, theoretical issues in conceptualizing emerging financial markets, institutions and policy, will also be actively encouraged.

The Journal will encourage work on:
•  models of portfolio risk management,
•  exchange rate risks,
•  global banking,
•  derivative pricing,
•  equity market structures
•  policy impacts on financial markets
•  financial indicators
etc., all in the special context of emerging financial markets. Its major objective is to become a reference journal for the sophisticated practitioner, while providing an outlet for the application-oriented researcher.

The Journal will publish:
•  commissioned review articles on new books on emerging market finance
•  survey articles on specialized topics
•  algorithms to implement theoretical models
•  special issues on particular themes of importance in emerging financial
•  papers of high academic quality using various research methods

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